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It's been a very busy few years with projects constantly cropping up so i've decided after constant scrutiny from the rest of my crew to start publishing everything on my site and spend some quality time doing this. I hope you get to enjoy the stuff i'm doing as much as i do.

Cube of Life. 2014

Cube of Life is a project on human rights in which each side of the Cube was used



Mural and Street art Workshop at St.Edwards College in Malta.


I was asked to organize a workshop on murals tackling climate change at St.Edwards College in Malta. The students had brainstormed ideas during their Eko Skola sessions which i then helped them bring together on panels of wood, symbolizing a mural. Big Ups to the art teachers, Samantha and Denise, my Troglodyte brother, Cezar who assisted me throughout the workshop and all the students - WORD UP!!! — at St Edwards College.